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Ensuring your company’s future by protecting its innovations.
Services We Offer
  • Portfolio Management

    We create the strategies that allow our clients to make effective intellectual property decisions.

  • Patent Preparation and Prosecution

    We leverage our experience and knowledge to increase our clients' success in obtaining allowances.

  • Searches

    We apply state of the art searches to obtain information our clients need to make informed decisions.

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About The Company

Patent Success Strategies was established to assist companies strategically plan and manage their intellectual property portfolios. Our goal is to provide superior portfolio management service while conserving our client’s valuable financial resources.

Intellectual property is one of a company’s most valuable assets. Developing, growing and maintaining that asset requires effective portfolio management. For over 15 years, David Waller has been managing intellectual property for institutions, privately held and publicly traded companies in both private practice and law firms. His experience and guidance has helped clients strengthen their intellectual property portfolio allowing them to capture larger markets and increase revenue. Patent Success Strategies portfolio management services will provide your company with a competitive advantage to assure your continued success.

We deliver the expertise needed to achieve your intellectual property potential

 • Fifteen years of intellectual property    management experience.

 • Expertise in life sciences and  intellectual property law.

 • Established relationships with United    States Patent and Trademark Office.

 • Proven methods for effectively securing    intellectual property.

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