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Patent Success Strategies conducts state-of-the-art Novelty, Invalidity and Right to Use searches using the most comprehensive databases available. Mr. Waller has been conducting searches for over fifteen years, and he applies the newest and most advanced search techniques. Combining his experience with the most exhaustive databases, Mr. Waller produces the most accurate, complete and cost-effective searches in the industry.


Patent Success Strategies provides a comprehensive report containing a listing of the databases searched, keywords and phrases used and references identified. The report includes copies of all key references in a search, including patents and patent applications. In addition, the report contains anticipated expiration dates and any extensions of time received from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for any patents we identified.

Novelty searches indicate whether an invention is likely to receive patent protection based on published information about similar technologies. These searches also are known as prior art searches.

Validity searches locate documents that may be used to invalidate a patent claim in terms of novelty or obviousness. More specifically, the search aims to identify documents that, when viewed alone or in combination, teach the claimed invention.

Right to Use
Right to Use searches locate patents whose claims may be infringed by the manufacture, sale or use of a specific article, apparatus or process. These searches also identify expired patents to support a Right to Use decision.


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