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I have worked with David for over 10 years and can say that he is an incredibly sharp, energetic individual with a tremendously strong work ethic. He really looks out for his clients and his enthusiasm is contagious. All my interactions with him have been positive and educational. David has a broad knowledge base and goes the extra mile to get things accomplished. I highly recommend him!
William SooHoo, Ph.D, Principal
Adjumatrix Technologies, Inc.


I highly recommend David for IP work without reservation. He has a broad understanding of various technologies and a sound appreciation of the important aspects of an invention that are critical to both protecting it by patents and enhancing its commercial value. In addition, he is experienced, throughly professional, easy to work with, and committed to timelines.
John Serbin, Ph.D., Chief Biology Officer
iDiverse, Inc.


I’m a business owner who along with my engineer had worked directly with two other law firms for several years before meeting and soon after, working with David. Each of the previous firms told us that we might not be able to patent our throwable life saving device because of existing prior art.

When we met with David he reviewed the patents of similar devices and immediately identified elements of our invention that were unique over the prior art. David’s assessment of our technology was correct. We filed the application and in just nine months received an issued patent with broad claims to our life saving disc.

Our early attempts to obtain US Coast guard Approval were less than successful, With David’s assistance we re-filed our application and received our USCG approval. Thanks to David’s knowledge of US patent Law and diligent research efforts, we have been able to produce and sell a US Coast Guard Approved lifesaving device that is seeing steadily growing acceptance among professional rescuers and commercial mariners and has since saved a number of lives.
Paul Driscoll
CEO, LifeSafer, Inc.


David Waller reported to me for several years during the late 1980s and early1990s in our work at the startup biopharmaceutical company ImmunoPharmaceutics, Inc. located in the greater San Diego area. His work centered on project management and supervision of a small team investigating antibody directed drug discovery. As Senior Vice-President for Research and Development, I enjoyed working with David very much–I found him to be a task oriented, well informed and highly productive scientist who was skilled at managing his direct reports and was very easy to work with. David was very interested in the intellectual property aspects of our work and I am delighted to see that he has acted on that interest and obtained his law degree. Immuno-Pharmaceutics was sold in the mid-1990s, and its first product, Thelin, which David worked on, was ultimately acquired by Pfizer.”
Manfred Wolff, Ph.D.
President and Chief Executive Officer, IntellePharm., Inc.


I first began working with David at Axiom Biotechnologies, where he served as our Intellectual Property Consultant. I found David to be very quick to understand new concepts, and skillful at drafting them into legal documents. He was also very helpful to us in putting together our intellectual property portfolio and planning our IP strategy.

I later worked with David at a startup company. David was instrumental in putting in place the intellectual property protection we needed to launch the company. Once again his insights into how best to frame our technology, and the most economical method of protecting it were greatly appreciated.

David is bright, quick to grasp new concepts, and a good team player. His upbeat personality makes working with him a pleasure.
Mike Koslowski, Ph.D.
CEO NanoQuot, Inc.

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