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Strategic Planning

Patent Success Strategies provides strategies that assist clients in making crucial decisions regarding their intellectual property. The success of these strategies relies on information and intellegence-gathering tools Mr. Waller has developed. Through his work in private industry, non-profit institutions and law firms, he understands the corporate needs that affect patent portfolio management. His experience offers a unique perspective and enables Patent Success Strategies to identify crucial options for optimizing clients’ portfolios.

Intelligence Gathering Tools

Technology Mining Program
The Technology Mining Program develops a robust technology pipeline by increasing the submission of invention disclosures from investigators and research staff. It integrates intellectual property performance goals with incentives to achieve corporate intellectual property objectives.

Patent Portfolio Evaluation
Patent Portfolio Evaluation assists our clients to understand their internal intellectual property position, ascertain the coverage they may expect and identify additional areas of their technology that may require protection. The evaluation identifies the boundaries of a client’s intellectual property for greater protection from competitors.

Competitive Analysis
Competitive Analysis helps clients identify competitors pursuing similar technologies and determine the scope of their intellectual property. It gives a strategic advantage in making research and resource allocation decisions.

Technology Assessment
Technology Assessment aids clients in identifying internal or external technologies that support their core technology. It develops a comprehensive intellectual property foundation by uncovering needed technologies that may be patented or licensed and discovering out-licensing opportunities from non-supportive technologies.

Technology Mapping
Technology Mapping creates a virtual topographical landscape of a particular field that assists clients in identifying areas they have not captured or exploited as intellectual property. Gaps or open areas in the landscape are technologies that can be assessed to determine their intellectual property potential.

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